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Building and design are lifelong passions for Mike.

Designing and building have been lifelong passions for Mike. Some of his earliest memories are of building tree forts and creating backyard landscapes with his father. Learning these skills from his father at a young age allowed Mike to discover his talents early and ultimately inspired his life's work.

 Now, with Hendren Custom Homes, Mike can help his clients turn their dream homes into everyday reality.

Mike followed where life led him; living and working in many different parts of the country from California to New Hampshire to Oklahoma to Georgia to Virginia to Florida. Each chapter offered him new perspectives, allowing him to deepen his love of design and perfect his craft.  This hands-on experience in many different geographic regions also provided Mike with added versatility in working with unique design elements, styles, and materials. 

Building a treehouse at 10 years old.

Our goal is to make your house your dream home.

When it comes to the actual work, Mike has a deeply embedded skillset in making superior quality end-products from the raw materials up. As a builder, he has created custom furniture for both private clients and national corporations and hotels. His love for materials and incorporating them into unique spaces is the cornerstone of his work.

From a design perspective, Mike has an eye that seeks out details and understands the importance of the small things. Matching the grain of the wood, even paying attention to the location of knots– these are the kind of details that do not escape Mike's attention.

Working with architects, high-end materials, and a range of clients has made him adept at managing a wide variety of projects with a consistent and dedicated attention to detail. His goal is always to do the work the right way, with honesty and integrity, while maintaining the allotted budget.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family. He is also committed to giving back to his community wherever he can. He has worked with non-profit organizations such as Home Team Valpo, and building planters for Hilltop Neighborhood House to create a space for children to grow gardens. 

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Meet Mike Hendren.

Mike Hendren is a builder by nature.

Mike Hendren's journey in design and building is not just a career; it’s a lifelong passion. Mike’s mastery over materials and his innovative approach to space utilization stand as the cornerstones of his work.

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